Before paying for a subscription

Before you pay for your subscription, we strongly recommend testing the picture quality of the game category you’re interested in.

There are three groups of games in terms of access level:

Demo games

Demo games are available without paying for a subscription. You can find them using the menu filter.

For information on how to test a demo game, see this article.

Games by subscription

You can run games by subscription once you’ve paid for a subscription.

You can look over the full list of games by subscription.

Paid games

You can play paid games when you have a paid subscription and a corresponding account (Social Club, Uplay, or Steam) with an activated game key.

You can test paid games if you have a game key and paid subscription. The information is also given on the description page for each game.

What if the picture gets jumbled while you’re testing a game?

We can’t resolve issues with a bad internet connection, but we can evaluate the quality of the connection.

The instructions are in this article